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We Demonize Corporations, However…

Diversity in corporate teams

Let’s complicate the discussion on Corporations.

Yes, I do know¬†that Corporations are driven, overly excessively, by the profit motive (largely because of bad laws) and will exploit profits over consumers. Yet that is only part of the story. One other part of the story is that Corporations are some of the most diverse and forward thinking institutions in the US. Visit Coca Cola, or AT&T, or Google (I’ve seen it first-hand with the first two companies) and you are literally surrounded by people of all colors, sexes, and backgrounds. When states try to pass discriminatory laws, it is large corporations who use their influence to threaten states with pulling out. Large corporations are playing a leading role in social equality. Many actually understand the value of diversity, of diverse opinions, of bringing their employees together. They understand the difference and value of Black Lives Matter over All Lives Matter.

And that is captured in this speech. It’s a bit long and difficult to hear sometimes. But worth watching.