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Obama, Walmart, and Confirmation Bias

Obama at Walmart

Here’s another post complicating our relationship and understanding of corporations. Walmart has been enemy #1 for many progressive groups for nearly twenty years. But is confirmation bias clouding my/our judgement? Article:  Where Obama and Walmart See Eye to Eye I actually worked at Walmart during High School. It was, ultimately, a bad experience when I got […]

We Demonize Corporations, However…

Diversity in corporate teams

Let’s complicate the discussion on Corporations. Yes, I do know that Corporations are driven, overly excessively, by the profit motive (largely because of bad laws) and will exploit profits over consumers. Yet that is only part of the story. One other part of the story is that Corporations are some of the most diverse and forward […]

ATL News: Truck Only Lanes

Read an article in the AJC: Semi-only lanes could reduce traffic, improve safety Why is this awesome? There are a series of reasons to think this is a good idea, with a mix of winners (both businesses and citizens). Safety improvements Perceived safety improvements More efficient freight movement: trailer combinations & platooning Solid first step in […]

The Rise of Modern Development Thinking

Modern Development Thinking I have argued that development can be seen occurring at two inter-related levels. The first is at the national level, where the question is of catching up, driven by competition between states. The second is within the nation. We find examples from throughout history of individuals focused on development within a nation […]

How Should We Think About Development?

In the previous post we began to explore the historical roots of development through the concept of Progress. The idea of progress gives us an ideological rational for development. We might summarize the key points of progress (while leaving much out) as: The human race knows more than did our primitive forerunners. If rational thought, […]

Introduction – From Progress to Sustainability

Discussions about development and the world we live in are increasingly framed by arguments about sustainability.  Using research from my thesis as the basis of my arguments, I will explore several aspects of this “move towards a sustainable future”.  I do so under the overarching frameworks of Development Studies (Wikipedia – Development Studies) and Global […]